Kristina Reyes

actress kristina reyes shades of blue

We do yearn for more stories about the Hispanic community on TV and this week we get to see the desirable Kristina Reyes embodying a character whose innocence belies her streetwise nature. She has a recurring role on “Shades Of Blue” as Monica, the cousin of Cristina Santos (Sarah Jeffery) who bond together after being kept apart. We soon discover that Monica is quite the wily one, coaxing Christina into a four-finger discount of alcoholic beverages at a convenience store. Things don’t go down well as their ruse is exposed and Monica does a runner leaving Cristina to face the music. With Monica returning in future episodes, expect tense moments between her and Cristina for the betrayal or will Cristina forgive her for the sake of familia?

With the teething problems Cristina is facing with her mum Jennifer Lopez’s Hailee Santos, Monica could well tempt Cristina into a life of delinquency. Those are the very mistakes her overprotective mother has urged not to repeat in the episode “Ghost Hunt”. We do however love our women to tow their wild side and Kristina has fluently planted the seeds of her character’s burgeoning vices.

actress kristina reyes rising starlet

I think we’ve already seen with “Riverdale” on the CW that breakout stars do emerge from television shows and Kristina could well amass her own passionate following. By the way Kristina did guest-star on “The Following” albeit she had a short-lived stint; in her words she’s always wanted to die on TV! She does however fare better on the grittier “Shades Of Blue” and we can’t wait to revel in Kristina’s enchanting run on television.

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