TV Vixens To Crave – 21 March 2017

Emily Swallow in “Man With A Plan”

actress emily swallow man with a plan

– Her gracefulness is irresistible and Emily Swallow has consistently sizzled on the small screen in hit shows such as “Supernatural” where she’s fondly remembered as the powerful entity Amara a.k.a. The Darkness.
– On the latest episode of “Man With A Plan”, Emily goes into comedy mode alongside Matt Leblanc and Stacy Keach. She guest-stars as Dr Knox who tend to the ‘butt’ checkup of both father and son of the Burns Family.
– Many have longed adored her poise and charisma which has seen Emily delight audiences on both screen as well as on stage. She is undeniably a performer who can stimulate viewers cerebrally and visually.

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Katy Colloton in “Teachers”

actress katy colloton teachers

– Katy Colloton is certainly the effervescent enchanter of the comedy scene and with her rollicking television show “Teachers” having a special musical episode this week, it’s a must to put her on a pedestal of affection.
– As the vain Ms. Chelsea Snap, she elicits plenty of laughs encountering those awkward situations as an educator. We can’t wait to watch her sing and dance on the latest episode “Lunchtime! The Musical”.
– Katy’s goofy embellishments of her self-loving persona Ms. Snap is already a fan favorite and she’s actually endowed with quite the Sex Appeal too. It’s apt to be Hot For Teacher, in this case Hot For Katy!

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Keiko Agena in “NCIS: Los Angeles”

actress keiko agena ncis los angeles

– The return of Keiko Agena to television has been a most welcoming one, having recently reprised her role as Lane Kim on the “Gilmore Girls” revival series. This time she’s on the thrilling “NCIS: Los Angeles”.
– She guest-stars as Tara, one half of a couple who are suspected of selling sensitive information linked to a murder case. We will find out later that strenuous circumstances were Tara’s motives.
– If you’re binge-watching “Colony”, do look out for her in the recurring role of Betsy, a co-worker of Will Bowman (Josh Holloway) and Jennifer (Kathleen Rose Perkins) at Homeland Security who is a trusted ally.

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Jackie Joyner in “Young And Hungry”

actress jackie joyner young and hungry

– Be it on TV or film, Jackie Joyner has an irrepressible vivacity that’s destined to find much admiration. She’s a picture of radiance and we hope she continues to be a bright spark especially in the comedy genre.
– Don’t miss Jackie in her co-star role on “Young and Hungry”. As the Future Mrs Stein, she envisions a proposal after Emily Osment’s Gaby inadvertently launches a diamond ring into her champagne drink.
– Having also appeared alongside esteemed funnyman Ken Jeong on “Dr Ken”, one of my favorite comedies and on the big screen in the western actioner “Traded”, the lovely Jackie will be an adored face for years to come.

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