Sizzling Women To Crave @ Canadian Film Fest 2017

Jen Pogue in “Time Out”

actress jen pogue time out

– Look out for the World premiere of the short “Time Out” this March 23rd starring the vivacious Jen Pogue which will see her essaying the romantic leading lady role that audiences should find appealing on many levels.
– There’s a geniality about her which will be a fixture of the romance between her character and her beau played by Adam Langton as the couple pretend to meet as their younger selves to determine their future together.
– One of the most endearing faces on the festival circuit, Jen recently played Mindy in “The Mask Saint”, the down on her luck neighbor of the pastor who returns to the life he once knew so well as an iconic wrestler.

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Caleigh Le Grand in “Broken Mile”

– Accomplished in multiple facets of being an entertainer, the inviting Caliegh Le Grand is one of Canada’s acting gems and she’s very much adored for playing edgy roles spanning horror, drama and comedy.
– The foxy Caleigh shines in the one-take thriller “Broken Mile” as Amy, the headstrong ex-girlfriend of drug addict Shaun (Francesco Filice) who helps him with his dead woman in his bed predicament.
– She also turns on the kookiness as Brii, a women who is a masochist in the bloody indie horror flick “Late Night Double Feature” which screened at the 2015 Edition of the Canadian Film Fest and is out now on iTunes.

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Chelsea Rendon & Shelby Janes in “Badsville”

actress chelsea rendon badsville
actress shelby janes badsville

– Both this screen sweethearts can be seen opposite rugged actor Emilio Rivera of “Sons of Anarchy” fame in the dramatic action film Badsville that focuses on two rival greaser gangs The Badsville Kings and The Aces.
– Chelsea is notable for being a scene stealer on the medical drama series “Code Black” as the rebellious and very pregnant patient Anita who has a fearless streak in the face of her precarious condition.
– Buzz is certainly heading Chelsea’s way as she’s starring in “Bright” alongside Will Smith and Noomi Rapace with the fantasy set in a world where a menagerie of mystical creatures live side by side with humans.
– The beauteous Shelby Jane is an indie sweetheart having been fetching in indie films such as “Divorce Texas Style” where she had quite the killer instincts. Her amiable disposition has won many hearts.
– With her upcoming horror film “Do You See Me” to hit the Cannes Film Festival market, there will be plenty of adoring eyes on Shelby as she stars in the terrifying story that revisits our deep fear of clowns.

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