Screen Sweetheart: Missy Doty

actress missy doty screen sweetheart

More than ever shows are featuring stories inhabited by relatable people and Missy Doty is certainly at the forefront of representing mainstream society. She guest-stars on “Major Crimes” as Viv O’Brien, the cousin of suspect Dustin who could be the man responsible for the murder of a retired fraud detective. As Viv, Missy embodies her character who has a feisty streak with loads of sassy gumption, excelling as the rather irritated cuz of the alleged killer Dustin. Of course with criminals on television being multi-dimensional, we’ll find out in the episode “Bad Blood” that the motives behind cruel acts of murder are never black and white. Many will remember Missy in her recurring role as Jess, the lesbian bartender on “Shameless” which we all know celebrates an array of folk, from the disenfranchised to the borderline poverty.

Missy has appeared on some of the biggest hits on TV Land, from “True Blood” to “American Horror Story” and most recently “Pure Genius”. She is also notable for her indie work in films such as the critically acclaimed “Nebraska” as well as “Sideways”. In “Nebraska”, she starred as Noel, the ex-girlfriend of the protagonist David in a bittersweet tale about being part of an extended family. She also became recognized for playing the waitress Cami who gets hot and heavy with Thomas Haden Church’s Jack in the hit comedy “Sideways”.

actress missy doty major crimes

With her endeavors into stirring narratives on television, it would be wonderful if she was on a show such as “This Is Us”. There are many heart-tugging moments on “This Is Us” which Missy could bring to life seeing how she’s a consummate talent. At the present moment, the pinnacle of television is where it’s at and Missy is entertaining us with slices of real life as reel life.

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