Sizzling Cutie: Susan-Kate Heaney

actress susan-kate heaney the mindy project

The most adorable talents are fronting our TV screens and there’s a myriad of adorable qualities when it comes to praising Susan-Kate Heaney. This week, she co-stars on “The Mindy Project” as Nurse Mackenzie alongside Fortune Feimster’s Colette Kimball-Kinney and she has a juicy rumor up her sleeve. This wonderful episode is graced by an amazing group of comediennes including Casey Wilson and of course Beth Grant who is much loved on this blog. Her exuberant personality is a joy to watch and Susan-Kate is also accomplished behind the scenes, having written the funny short “The Openers” which has her starring as an aspiring comedienne struggling to keep afloat.

Here’s the gracious Susan-Kate revealing more about her current and upcoming projects:

I’m starring in a new web series and have a few films going to festival. Also “The Openers” won best short at the Broad Humor Comedy Fest.

We do have a passion for our darlings of the festival circuit and it doesn’t take a crystal ball to affirm that Susan-Kate will be thrilling us for years to come. With the win for “The Openers”, she certainly has the requisite talents to craft humorous narratives for our enjoyment. As has been prevalent recently, ensemble comedies are the in thing and I can’t wait to watch Susan-Kate in “All I Want” which has fellow actresses Laura Mann, Kate Mines, Camille Mana and Elizabeth Schmidt. All of them have been featured right here and similar admiration is already shining on the lovely Susan-Kate.

actress susan-kate heaney sizzling cutie

She’s also appeared as the saucy Shirley, a women of the night on “Masters of Sex” which is one of my favorite shows. The stage has also been the platform where she had rave reviews with her engaging Off-Off-Broadway show, “Mop-O-Holic which tells of her character’s fascination with the humble mop. The success she garnered inspired her to create the equally facetious web series “Top Mop”. Her sparkling arrival on a host of mediums is certainly being met with warm enthusiasm.

Do visit the Susan-Kate Heaney Official Site for all the latest updates.

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