Grace Bannon

actress grace bannon the legend of master legend amazon

One of the most endearing faces to have blossom on a comedy series, Grace Bannon is returning to dazzle couch potatoes and perhaps binge addicts everywhere. She’s appearing in the new TV pilot “The Legend Of Master Legend” on Amazon which is available for FREE streaming which can be voted by audiences with a ‘Verdict’, yup no stars here. Check out the preview clip (above) and you can already fathom there’s a quirky indie vibe going on and we can’t wait to see more of Grace’s sassy character Kimberlee. “The Legend of Master Legend” centers on Frank (John Hawkes), a happy-go-lucky man who seeks to free his hometown of injustice but he’s more bumbling non-hero than aspiring Avenger. Las Vega glitz certainly looks good on the sprightly talent that is the adorable Grace.

Having essayed one of the most lovable women on television as the conservative high-schooler Ruth in the hit show “The Middle”, her return to the small screen is a welcome pleasure. Might I also add that she’s still full of youthfulness, her baby-face freshness will likely enthrall us for many a year. Grace imbued the soft-spoken personality of Ruth with such ardor-worthy lissomeness, it’s easy to see why’s she’s a perennial charmer. Grace recently appeared on the digital series “Kings Of Con” which is an affectionate nod to fans of conventions, sparked by the love of all things Supernatural.

actress grace bannon actress spotlight

Be sure to give your stamp of approval towards Grace and her TV Pilot. In the eyes of her devoted fanbase, she’s already a Legend!

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