North Hollywood CineFest 2017 Spotlight: Sydney Sweeney

actress sydney sweeney north hollywood cinefest 2017

If ever we’re unabashed about commending the young women of Hollywood then we must surely sing the praises of Sydney Sweeney. Her endeavors both on film and television is going to be enrapturing worldwide audiences especially since she’s starring in “Manic” which has its world premiere at TriBeCa Film Festival 2017 as part of the prestigious Tribeca TV Fest. She plays Missy ‘Paper Girl’, one of the school kids whose afflicted with a mental illness and encounters Aurora (Shanice Williams) who believes herself unfit for the institution. One only has to watch the fascinating trailer (above) to surmise “Manic” has the potential to be a hit and Sydney is already intriguing us with her fetching take on the maladjusted persona of the paper-eating Missy.

We do know she’s starring in the intense short film “It Happened Again Last Night” which also screens at this year’s NOHO CineFest. It won a number of awards at the recently concluded Pasadena Film Fest and saw Sydney playing the younger version of Gabrielle Stone’s lead. On the independent scene, she’s already mesmerized us in films such as “Stolen from Suburbia”, “Cassidy Way”, “The Horde” and I’m most looking forward to catching her in the demonic possession film “Tell Me Your Name”. Do expect Sydney to deliver stirring vulnerability as the unfortunate Ashley who unknowingly invites a malicious entity into her being. Ever since “The Exorcist”, the battle of wills between innocence and evil is a big draw so do keep an adoring eye on Sydney.

actress sydney sweeney tribeca manic

With TV’s landscape evolving into its own cinematic world, we now get to see gems such as “Manic” in the comfort of our living room before it’s release on the big screen. This also means our connection with the finery of a rising star such as Sydney who has enthralled us on both film and television. The hits keep coming for Sydney as we will get to see her guest-starring on the Finale Season of “Pretty Little Liars” as well as an appearance on the hit comedy series “The Middle”. The glitz of Tribeca might be happening in April but we can affirm Sydney is irresistibly entrenched in our hearts.

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