North Hollywood CineFest 2017 Spotlight: Gabrielle Stone

actress gabrielle stone north hollywood cinefest 2017

Having won the Best Actress Award at this year’s Pasadena Film Fest for her indelibly moving performance in “It Happened Again Last Night”, Gabrielle Stone is surely captivating the world. She’s the noteworthy leading lady Paige in a tragic love story as she’s caught in a passion triangle between an abusive beau Stephen (Randy Wayne) and her best friend Kris (Alex Lynn Ward). We do acknowledge that Gabrielle is one of the most beautiful women on the indie scene and our love grows even more seeing how she sheds pieces of beauty to portray such a gritty role. The conundrum of wanting to leave an abusive relationship for a more receptive romance is a highlight thanks to Gabrielle’s persuasively affecting performance.

She’s also establishing herself as a burgeoning film-maker with “It Happened Again Last Night” being her directorial debut. Gabrielle is indeed creating memorable stories bouyed by relatable themes that’s thought-provoking in its enactment. Touching on themes of domestic violence and love in the LGBTQ community would have resonated with many a viewer. Already a polished indie horror actress, she’s showing us her mastery on the dramatic front. Her vibrancy onscreen is abundantly appealing as is her application to being consistently authentic.

actress gabrielle stone it happened again last night

The multi-faceted Gabrielle is more than ready to take the film world by storm and she’s an inspiration to pursue the creative spirit within us all.

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