North Hollywood CineFest 2017 Spotlight: The Women Of American Fango

The LA Premiere of “American Fango” this weekend at the 2017 Edition of the NOHO CineFest will be be highly anticipated thanks to the lovely ensemble of women who create a magical experience for audiences. It’s a romance that spans 2 different worlds and celebrates the irresistible joys of young love. Likewise we laud the female talents of “American Fango” who have consistently made waves in independent cinema.

Emily Jackson

actress emily jackson american fango

Emily Jackson stars as Christine, Francesco’s (Brando Boniver) object of affection, having traveled to Los Angeles from Italy to be with his American paramour. In his classic words “She’s more beautiful than I remembered” which is a testament to Emily’s absorbing attractiveness. We’ve already seen her luminosity in the horror film “Incarnate” and this time she’s stealing our hearts as a most bewitching romantic leading lady.

Lacy Marie Meyer

actress lacy marie mayer american fango

Lacy is a multiple award-winning actress who is fondly remembered for her thought-provoking role as the troubled Heather in the home invasion gem “Second Chance”. She’s all lusciousness as Laura, the protagonist Francesco’s love interest in NYC who is a manhattanite hostess at her daddy’s restaurant and likes trouble! Lacy has also appeared on “Inside Amy Schumer” and her angelic charisma makes her such a crush for viewers.

Samantha Scaffidi

actress samantha scaffidi american fango

Potently easy on the eyes, Samantha has been prominently fetching across multiple genres with beguiling turns in gender reversal comedy “Sam”, clown scarefest “Terrifier” and the festival favorite “Throupie” which is about polyamory. She plays Kathy who encounters Francesco in NYC and becomes his platonic roommate. She also happens to be the “kept” girlfriend of the very married, wealthy yet barbaric Tony (Brian Kelly).

Deborah Twiss

actress deborah twiss american fango

Do watch Deborah adding heavenly spunk as Viveca who brightens up the enchanting tale of cross-cultural passion. A genuine darling of the film festival circuit, she’s very much adored thanks to memorable turns in features such as the zombie comedy “The Last Taxi Driver” and the saucy thriller “Confidence Game”. Look out for this voluptuous screen siren in the upcoming series “The Deuce” alongside James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

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