Paige Lauren Billiot

actress paige lauren billiot actress spotlight

The rise of a female fronted ensemble on screen is truly upon us and with the alluring Paige Lauren Billiot giving us a glimpse of her sweetness this week, we’re more than contented. Everyone loves a good mystery thriller and Paige stars in “One Of Us” which centers on a mountain top cult. Available for viewing on amazon, iTunes, google play, Comcast, Verizon, directv and more, it’s a thriller you don’t want to miss. Paige plays Clytemnestra (What a Name!), one of the girls who is part of the movement led by their charismatic leader Brent (Derek Smith). She’s joined by Carly Schroeder, Chasty Ballesteros as well as Mary O’Neil who make up the commune that’s full of secrets and is soon joined by inquisitive journalist Christa B. Allen’s Melanie/Mary. What Melanie/Mary discovers may be her undoing as she falls deeper into the terrifying schism. Curiosity might just kill the cat in this instance!

If you love the TV series “The Path”, then “One Of Us” will similarly be very appealing especially since there’s a number of gripping twists. As the hippie free spirit Clytemnestra, Paige will win us over with her incandescence. Previously she has appeared in creature feature “Dam Sharks” as well as the zombie flick “Isle Of The Dead” and will be appearing in the upcoming sci-fi actioner “Cyborg Nemesis: The Dark Rift” opposite Steven Seagal. Paige has a likeable quality that’s brimming with sensuality whihc should find us doting over her in the coming months.

actress paige lauren billiot one of us

You might know her as an inspirational figure standing up for bullying as she was born with a birthmark on her face which she proudly wears in spite of the challenges she faced in the industry. She instead opted to promote positivity with the launch of her own project, the Flawless Affect blog, to tackle stigma around body and appearance ‘flaws’. Now very much an elegant fixture on the independent scene, Paige is certainly becoming a luminous face we should be fondly attached to.

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