North Hollywood CineFest 2017 Spotlight: The Women Of The Lady Killers

This weekend, it’s going to be indie film heaven with “The Lady Killers” making its official world premiere at the 2017 Editiion of the North Hollywood Cinefest! Once more we will be watch a bevy of delectable actresses strutting their stuff in what starts of as a tale of exploitation by chauvinistic men then shifts into a murder mystery. The ladies of “The Lady Killers” are themselves adding a spicy imprint to this must-watch dramedy.

Lily Holleman

actress lily holleman the lady killers

Lily Holleman produces and stars in the dark comedy that sees a group of 7 players who while playing a sick game are unknowingly themselves part of a larger, more dangerous game. Look out for Lily as she channels a spell of emotional affront as the wronged wife, Michelle Reid. Having recently been eye-catching in the racy 60s horror inspired tale “The Love Witch”, she’s blossoming as a stirring female indie talent to fall in love with.

Katalina Viteri

actress katalina viteri the lady killers

The stunning Katalina is a tantalizing enchantress on screen and she’ll likely be a temptation for years to come. She plays Amanda Webber, a 15-year-old high school student who becomes the subject of the cruel, exploitive game played by a group of older men for money. Katalina notably starred in the fantasy drama “Western Religion” which screened at the Cannes Film Festival as Sadie, a teen runaway turned harlot in the 1870s.

Stephanie Erb

actress stephanie erb the lady killers

Her performances on film and television have been impeccable where she’s best remembered as the beguiling witch Luellen on “True Blood”. Come April, she guest-stars as a Deputy District Attorney on the 3rd Season of the hit Amazon series “Bosch” famed for its brooding tone and slow-burning investigative narratives. In the meantime, we get to fawn over her as one of the enchanters in “The Lady Killers” as Sheila Simmons.

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