Hannah Barefoot

actress hannah barefoot actress spotlight

The Lifetime Movie Network is gaining an ever-growing following as the frontier of gripping entertainment and with the luscious Hannah Barefoot starring in an LMN feature this weekend, this calls for effusive plaudits. She is the lead of the thriller “Off The Rails” which airs on the 26th of March at 8/7c and will see her as Nicole Barrow, a woman who lost all of her memories after a train derailment accident. As she tries to piece together the fractured reflections of her life, she’s drawn into an even bigger puzzle as strange men approach her to fulfil their sexual fantasies. Don’t miss the accomplished Hannah in her most riveting and at times enticing performance yet as the perturbed Nicole who has to separate fantasy from fact before it consumes her.

More than just the bewitching face of the movie “Off The Rails”, Hannah also contributes the song “To See Your Smile” on the soundtrack as one half of the folk-group The Luminous Grey. Being a fan of bands such as “Escondido” and “Of Monsters and Men” who traverse the soulful landscape of folk music, Hannah’s tune does have its melodic gravitational pull and will be just as attractive for fans of the genre. Likewise indie fans would have adored her short film “Incendio” which recently received a rousing reception at several film festivals. Many will be looking forward to catching Hannah in the upcoming drama “Bad Samaritan” alongside David Tennant, the acclaimed thesp of hits such as “Dr Who”, “Jessica Jones” and most recently “Broadchurch”. Her classy elegance on film is thoroughly entrancing and she’s replicated that resplendence on television as well.

actress hannah barefoot off the rails

Hannah had fascinating guest-star roles on “NCIS” as well as “The Librarians”, showcasing her dramatic flair and while “Good Girls Revolt” was a short-lived series, she was wonderful in her recurring role as the resolute Diane. With rumours that many networks are circling to revive “Good Girls Revolt”, we might yet get to see Hannah’s return to the series that was loved as a feminist hit show. With her effervescent omnipresence in all things binge-worthy, all I have to say are you obsessed yet with the alluring Hannah Barefoot? You should be!

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