North Hollywood CineFest 2017 Spotlight: Eve Austin

actress eve austin north hollywood cinefest 2017

This blog has always been about unearthing indie gems and with actress/writer/producer Eve Austin part of the wonderful cast of the buzz-worthy “American Fango”, amorous attention is heading her lane. She appears as Diane Diamond and with her luminous smile, she’ll dazzle up the coming of age, cross-cultural romance that is “American Fango”. Credit has to go to Director Gabrielle Altobelli for fashioning such a warm love opus bouyed by the solid female cast with Eve joining the likes of Emily Jackson, Lacy Marie Meyer, Samantha Scaffidi and Deborah Twiss. Those who are at this year’s NOHO Cinefest will be able to catch a glimpse of the adorable Eve as she’s in attendance at the festival having walked the opening night red carpet.

Here’s the gracious Eve revealing more about her current and upcoming projects:

I’m currently creating a Comedic Web series “Lola Does Manhattan” about a fun, sassy, separated woman who has wild and funny adventures in NYC. She does this and in the process learns to listen to her inner self, Heidi. (Heidi is her conscience/inner voice that the audience and Lola can see her, but not the people in the scene with her. We will release this soon and create a full television series with it. It has broad age appeal as Lola is a Baby boomer-comprises 40% of the US market with 80% of expendable income. Heidi her inner self is younger and will bring in the younger audiences.

Also have a short film “LEGIT” in the Film Festival Circuit- I produced and star in. Legit. It is about a Madam in the world’s oldest profession trying to legalize it in NY. We created this film for a 72 hour film challenge, also plan to create a television series from it.

As you know, American Fango is Premiering at the LA North Hollywood Cinefest. It is up for best director and best picture. Director is Gabrielle Altobelli, Exec Producer Charles Randolph, Producer John Gallagher(the amazing filmmaker that cast me in this project.) So far American Fango has won almost every film Festival it has been in.

Split won Best Film Ensemble award at the Socially Relevant Film Festival in NY. Deborah was previously a grand jury prize nominee at Sundance with Hounddog, a controversial film that is still being discussed. Split is very unique and female-centric, raw, unusual, possibly becoming a cult film. Personally I am very into metaphysics and making this world a better place. I believe that I have been placed in this world to uplift others with joy and possibilities, I do it through my art.

actress eve austin american fango

Her performances on the theatre scene has also garnered a wealth of plaudits with one critic praising her as exceptional and precious. Concurrently with Eve accentuating the indie genre with her pleasing facets, she’ll be a cherished talent in no time.

Do visit the Eve Austin Official Site for all the latest updates.

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