HollyWeb Festival 2017 Spotlight: Dasha Kittredge

actress dasha kittredge hollyweb festival

The most mesmerising women are hitting the web in luscious fashion this week with the gorgeous Dasha Kittredge a cert for endearment. She stars in the hilarious web series “Drunk Hawk Man” that delves into the notion of what would happen if some famed DC superheroes were inebriated. As the sultry Dinah (who I’m sure is a nod to Dinah Lance), she’ll literally kick you in the nuts which she does to Ollie a.k.a Green Arrow. Its screening at this year’s HollyWeb Festival should be a laugh-a-ton seeing how the drunken caricatures are a far cry from the noble qualities of the DC heroes we know. The Justice League trailer would have amazed fans but if you need a chuckle or two, then this Drunk Justice League delivers!

Great to see there’s more than 1 female superhero which the bigger budget studios only seem to have Wonder Woman in the male-dominated DC super team with Dasha’s Dinah being joined by Hawkgirl and Star Sapphire. As her character Dinah proclaims that she has no complains as she looks great in fishnets, this pseudo Black Canary is all dynamic sensuality. With her half-Russian heritage and an old-world allure, the time of being fascinated with Dasha is upon us.

actress dasha kittredge hollyweb festival

Dasha has also sizzled on stage as Selene in the interactive “Delusion” which is a vampire story that harks back to the days of Hammer horror. She got to work with Neil Patrick Harris who is an Executive Producer of the immersive haunted theatrical play. She also starred in the short “The Test Of Time” which screened at the acclaimed HollyShorts Film Festival. With her ravishing quintessence across film, television and the web, Dasha is on course to entice the planet.

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