Eva Dorrepaal

actress eva dorrepaal screen siren

It is with great pride to feature the most amazing talents who are from diverse corners of the world and Dutch actress Eva Dorrepaal is steadily enchanting audiences. Noteworthy for her gifts as an alluring performer, her magnetic essence will delighting many all over the US and Europe. She’s recently worked with Josephine Decker whom we love on this blog as well as Sandra Oh who currently is on “American Crime” and Anne Heche.

Here’s Eva giving us details of her current and upcoming projects:

The film “God” by Edwin Brienen had its premiere in Berlin (I play the lead, this is very European – arthouse) and I wrote a one-woman-show that will tour through Europe. I am also in a TV pilot that will be opening this April at Tribeca Film Festival, called “Black Magic for White Boys”. I play Lucy, a magician’s assistant with constant migraines. This is a film by Onur Tukel. I was also in his last film, “Catfight”. Four films I am in will also be released on DVD in America this summer.

Will be most looking forward to seeing “Black Magic for White Boys” especially with Tribeca being the premiere event for film addicts. “Sisters Of The Plague” is yet another which is a creepy, atmospheric horror thriller and now available on VOD as well as DVD. Other must see Eva appearances are on the insane black comedy “Catfight” and the thriller “Safe Harbor Amsterdam” where she plays Miep a woman who helps a foreigner go straight in the dangerous drug-addled Amsterdam. She’s definitely on a diversely entertaining run.

actress eva dorrepaal Sisters of the Plague

From March 30 till April 8, Eva is set be a revelation in “Almost Mata Hari”, as the actress who explores the character of Mata Hari and discovers they have a mutual an attraction towards dangerous love. In a most sultry persona playing Mata Hari, we are drawn into her seductive yet ultimately tragic world. Dividing her time between Europe and New York, Eva is a luxurious face in theater, film and television having excelled as some of the most eclectic female characters. She’s turning heads as a masterful and vibrant storyteller!

Do visit the Eva Dorrepaal Official Site for all the latest updates

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