Palm Beach International Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Catherine Eaton

actress catherine eaton palm beach international film festival 2017

Catherine Eaton is on the her way to being a standout figure of the independent scene and this actress/ producer/ director is bound to enrapture us at this year’s Palm Beach International Film Fest. She is the film-maker and star of “The Sounding” which is one of the most uniquely intriguing films of 2017 thanks to the female-driven narrative that will inveigle audiences. As Liv, a woman who has never spoken in her life, she suddenly weaves her own magical language using Shakespeare’s words and starts to express her freedom. Her wondrous epiphany leads to conflict and internal defiance that makes for compelling drama. While we may at times lean to blockbusters such as the effects-driven “Ghost In A Shell”, memorable movies such as “The Sounding” ensures our worldview on life and society are reinforced.

She’s already walked the red carpet at the recent Cinequest Film Festival and will be gracing 2017’s PBIFF festivities too. It’s fitting that Catherine plays the enigma that is Liz as those eyes of hers do convey a most vivid expressiveness. Kudos must go out to Catherine for crafting a film that’s socially relevant in our time, centred on themes such the treatment of the marginalised, the effects of mental illness and the journey of women in a male-dominated world. I was stoked to see her cast Lucy Owen (who is very much adored on this blog) in “The Sounding” too. Now here are 2 amazing women who should be hailed as mesmerising voices of the industry. In an interview, Catherine acknowledged how storytelling creates empathy, a resource that everyone needs to nourish and cherish in the current climate which is telling of her compassionate nature as an entertainer.

actress catherine eaton the sounding

Look out James Franco! Here’s the prodigious Catherine Eaton who could well steal your thunder as a triple threat! It won’t be long before she’s lauded in the same breath as directors Ava DuVernay and Karyn Kusama.

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