The Must Watch Indie Darlings @ Sonoma International Film Fest 2017

Nicole Watson – Director of “Sustainable Futures: Survivor Girls”

director nicole watson Sustainable Futures: Survivor Girls

– Film festivals do often have a profound effect on how we view the world and as the director of “Sustainable Futures: Survivor Girls”, Nicole Watson has driven an insightful awareness of environmental sustainability.
– To film the documentary, she traveled to Kolkata, India to witness the impact of a solar energy and water filtration system which was donated to a sex trafficking rescue and rehabilitation shelter for young women.
– Nicole will be at the 2 screenings this weekend of her docu-short and it will be a boon for those who believe in being eco-friendly to connect with her. This striking Canadian beauty is doing her part to beautify our Earth!

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Beth Shea in “This Side Of The Dirt”

actress beth shea this side of the dirt

– On top of her multi-faceted talents, Beth Shea is endowed with both inner and outer beauty. Her comedic turns have been of the dearest calibre with them having graced numerous film festivals including Cannes.
– Lauded in this article, the world premiere of “This Side Of The Dirt” by Tito Beveridge should already seal its standing as a must-see movie and adoring eyes are bound to be trained on the lovely Beth too.
– On stage, Beth captivated audiences as the compassionate Aunt Sally who is a tad promiscuous yet her affable nature is to be adored. She’s surely going to replicate her likeable attractiveness on film too!

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Dee Wallace & Gabrielle Stone in “Charlie’s Gift”

actress dee wallace charlie's gift
actress gabrielle stone charlie's gift

– This mother-daughter pair-up of Dee Wallace and Gabrielle Stone is a match made in heaven. Both are blessed with their own distinctive charms that have lit up the independent scene with riveting nuances.
– An esteemed horror icon, Dee has displayed her expansive range in the arena of drama recently and she’s at her most endearing as the lead of the touching short “Charlie’s Gift” playing a woman on her first ever flight.
– Gabrielle has a supporting role as the younger version of Evelyn and with her own short film “It Happened Again Last Night” already receiving a wave of commendation, she’s viewed with hearty affection as an indie darling.

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