HollyWeb Festival 2017 Spotlight: Trista Robinson

actress trista robinson hollyweb festival 2017

Recognisable as an upcoming actress of the horror genre, Trista Robinson is giving us a taste of her appeal across multiple mediums too. This actress/producer can be seen in the web series “The League of S.T.E.A.M” billed as a hilarious steampunk monster hunter adventure. She appears in the episode “Eye Of Odin” as a fairy that’s a more that a little whimsical. Trista is already notable as one of the blossoming honeys of indie horror having caught the eye as in the gripping horror flick “Silent Retreat” . She stars in “Silent Retreat” as Rita Pulis, a sweet religious girl who goes missing but she’s actually an enigma and might not be as demure as she projects. With the trailer having surpassed 400,000+ views, there’s bound to be excitement over the terror tale!

Trista exudes a subtle enticement very much like fellow actress Jocelin Donahue (Dead Awake) who herself is a big part of the horror genre. The talented Trista will be a mainstay of all things horror for some time to come. I could see the delectable Trista shining in the slow-burning psychological horror of a film such as “The House Of The Devil” although her next feature sees her in a most sensual psychotic guise. When I last spoke to Trista, she was in the throes of shooting a new horror called “Purgatory Road” in Mississippi. She stars as Mary Francis, the embodiment of temptation for 2 sadistic brothers of the faith that may just lead to their downfall. Entering their perfectly bloody world in the most angelic of ways, she will soon prove show her unhinged feminie wiles and tear their world apart!

actress trista robinson hollyweb the league of steam

She may thread some of the darkest subject matter onscreen yet she possesses a layered sweetness that’s very much passion bound. The fetching Trista Robinson is certainly garnering an ever-growing ardor.

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