Indie Darlings To Adore @ Maryland International Film Festival 2017

Kristin Carey in “American Zealot”

actress kristin carey american zealot

– It’s no secret that Kristin Carey is a Screen Goddess and she has a sensual poise that makes her a fan favourite. She’s a striking enchantress both on film as well as television imbuing her roles with a foxy zest.
– Kristin stars in the intense drama “American Zealot” as Dr. Parker who is an abortion doctor in the crosshairs of an unhinged Catholic schoolgirl Lucy (Ana Mackenzie) who plans to murder her in the name of religion.
– Incidentally she also played another doctor only this time on a much lighter note in the comedy series “Dr Ken” and on the big screen, she was a vision of seduction as the frisky Katrin in the film “Funeral Day”.

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Jennifer Soo in “Mango Sticky Rice”

actress jennifer soo mango sticky rice

– We hold admiration for the most wonderful Asian faces of independent cinema and actress/producer Jennifer Soo is endowed with an engaging luminosity that has seen her sparkle in the genre of comedy as well as drama.
– Jennifer stars as Joyce, the best friend of protagonist Katie who happens to be a social media queen and proceeds to help Katie find love in “Mango Sticky Rice, a most endearing musical comedy.
– Do look out for her in “Godlike” which sees her turning on the charm as Jennifer, a cynical yet wise goth girl of an online gaming attendant who encounters the lead Alex, a gamer trying to find solace after his mum’s passing.

Antonia Bernath in “Padlock”

actress antonia bernath padlock

– A much adored siren of the small screen having appeared as magazine editor Laura Edmunds in the final season of Downton Abbey, British actress Antonia Bernath exudes a divine almost coquettish appeal.
– She’s a vision of mystery and intrigue as Julie, an indomitable young woman in the throes of a complicated relationship with her more meek lover Matt (Valmike Rampersad) in the gripping short film “Padlock”.
– It is pilot season so be sure to keep your eyes on Antonia as she is playing Dr. Susan Gibbs, a shy but brilliant young imaging specialist who is more at home with her machines than with people in the upcoming “Zoobiquity”.

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