North Hollywood CineFest 2017 Spotlight: Holly Kaplan

actress christie lynn smith grey's anatomy

The women who conjure lovable interest are hailing from the independent scene and so it’s an opportune time to feature the endearing Holly Kaplan. She’s currently at NoHo Cinefest in support of her sci-fi short “Panopticon” where she take on the villainous role of Demina and walked the red carpet on Opening Night. Having garnered nominations for the Best Director and Visual Effects awards, there’s an ever growing buzz for this tale that conveys the moral significance of using drones as a lethal force. This is the foundation of the story that sees Lieutenant Donovan (Wayne Roberts), a drone operator struck by his conscience when he discovers that the son of an old friend could be a target.

Holly has also been a mainstay on our TV screens having first emerged in the mega-hit “House” as a woman who was hit on by Head of Oncology James Wilson in order to engage for swinging to create an alibi for Dr House. She then went on to guest-star in popular shows such as “Parenthood” as well as “The Mentalist” and recently was seen on “How to Get Away with Murder”. She has also worked with British actress Lucy Griffiths of “Preacher” fame in the thriller “Don’t Look Back” which is about the dangers one may face when they encounter a scorned room-mate. Holly is currently filming the short “Slouching Towards Bethlehem” which sees her entering darker territory in this thriller.

actress christie lynn smith grey's anatomy

It’s time we embrace mature actresses such as the lovely Holly as the industry now acknowledges the significance of their stories with age being lesser of a stereotype. She brings a warmth to the screen that’s affluent in its pleasantness which we do approve.

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