HollyWeb Festival 2017 Spotlight: The Women Of Doomsday

There is a surrealist narrative movement brewing and is spearheaded by the intriguing drama series “Doomsday” which is created and directed by the admirable Sonja O’Hara. She is also one of the stars which includes the equally talented Alice Kremelberg and Sara Cicilian. Adorned with accolades, “Doomsday” was a finalist for the Sundance New Voices Lab and went on to win Best Series & Best Actress at HBO’s ITVFest – Independent Television Festival, Best Director at New York Television Festival, Best Drama & Best Series at Brooklyn Web Fest and was an official selection at SeriesFest last Spring.

Having garnered favourable comparisons to “The Leftovers”, this digital series that centres on the daily lives of the dozen residents of a millennial commune in Upstate New York is potently enthralling. It’s prominence epitomises the astute writing by Sonja O’Hara accentuated by the richly compelling performances of Sonja, Alice and Sara.

Sonja O’ Hara

actress sonja o'hara doomsday

Sonia is setting the film world alight with her thought provoking female-centric stories that have a visceral impact on audiences. From her provocative opus “Ovum” that’s about the dark side of fertility clinics to her duplicitous role as Camden in “Doomsday”, Sonja is a riveting face of indie cinema. In April, be sure to watch her in the short film “Pee Sitting Down” which premieres at the Hollywood Comedy Shorts Festival.

Alice Kremelberg

actress alice kremelberg doomsday

Lauded for her ethereal performance as the tormented Sorrel in “Doomsday”, Alice Kremelberg exudes a delicate vulnerability that’s subtle yet captivates the eyes. One only has to watch her finesse in the horror short “Sweet Hollow” which won praise on the festival circuit and a best actress nomination for her to be swayed by her appeal. Her upcoming films “Iris” and “Love Is Dead!” are darkly dramatic ensuring she’s primed for high praise.

Sara Cicillian

actress sara cicillian doomsday

As the cult sister Ophelia who has a penchant for dabbling in a bit of witchcraft, Sara Cicillian brings forth a fetching complexity in “Doomsday”. Potently attractive on screen, she recently sizzled in the short “Vindication” which was well received across numerous film festivals. Sara is also the lead of “The Birds Of Paradise”, the TV Pilot that sees her as artist turned activist Casey who navigates the world of psychic hipsters.

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