Julia Gallagher

actress julia gallagher game shakers

It’s fitting that the comeliest faces such as the beguiling Julia Gallagher are fuelling our avidity of all things TV and she’s definitely a charmer from head to toe. She’s guest-starring on the Nickelodeon comedy series “Game Shakers” and is every bit an adorable vision as Meesha on the episode “Llama Llama Spit Spit”. It’s an overload of cuteness as she’s atop the llama and you’ll fall in love with her inviting essence. She has a radiance reminiscent of an actress like Amanda Peet which will go down well with her admirers. Julia is also an award-winning actress having won Best Actress at the CFC Film Festival for her performance in the short “Mastermind”. With the well-deserved accolade, she’s set to be a desirable performer.

Here’s the gracious Julia giving us an insight into her current and upcoming projects:

I recently shot an indie feature this past summer called “Lost & Found”. Lost & Found is a psychological drama about a 17-year-old boy whose world is completely rocked when his long-time girlfriend suddenly ends her life. I play the supporting role of Erin Thompson, the childhood best friend of the young girl who commits suicide. Throughout the film, we see Erin deal with feeling responsible for her best friend’s death, and her guilt leads her down a dark hole of substance abuse. Lost & Found is expected to make the festival circuit next year.

Another project I’m also very excited about is the pilot “Amateurs,” which is currently making the TV pilot festival circuit. Amateurs is a comedy about the lives of the assistants and interns at a small B-movie production company. I play the series regular role of Abi, the sweet and naive “suck up” of the group who will do anything to get promoted. Amateurs also co-stars Jim Naming (Arrested Development) and Anna Jaller (Entourage). Most recently, I shot several commercial spots as the new spokesperson for Seattle’s transit system, Sound Transit. Whenever I’m not shooting a new film, tv, or commercial project, you can catch me performing improv at UCB!

actress julia gallagher sizzling cutie

Do visit the Julia Gallagher Official Site for all the latest updates.

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