Sizzling Women To Crave @ HollyWeb Festival 2017

Denise Yuen in “All For One”

actress denise yuen all for one

– The graceful Denise Yuen is fondly remembered for starring in “Bite” which went on to win multiple awards. Thankfully she was the Good Girl Kirsten opposite her best friend turned monster Casey (Elma Begovic).
– I feel bleesed to have scored This Interview with her at the cusp of her burgeoning career and she’s become quite the captivator. Canada’s darlings do come in cute packages and Denise is deserving of devotion!
– She’s going to be a must watch in the LGBT web series “All For One” as Treville, a sorority recruitment counselor who has an ice-cold personality yet has a softer side which will go a long way in sweetening it up for viewers.

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Megan Heyn in “Travel Boobs”

actress megan heyn travel boobs

– A most effervescent charmer onscreen, the seraphic Megan Heyn is blazing a most mesmeric trail on the comedy front with her being one of the stars of the entertaining web series “Travel Boobs”.
– It’s all about girl empowerment as her character Kai goes on a road trip with her gal pals Lily (Slater) and Mel (Louise Bond) as the trio go on the run and hope to leave the problems in their lives far behind.
– Having been such a jovial figure of comedic moments on shows such as “The Big Bang Theory”, “Comedy Bang! Bang” and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”, she’ll enter more dramatic territory “The Son” which stars Pierce Brosnan.

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Mayra Leal in “Laced And Loaded”

actress mayra leal laced and loaded

– Mayra Leal is a Latin Sex Symbol with a sizzling body of work in independent films having burst onto the scene alongside Danny Trejo in “Machete” and as the stirring lead of “The Wisdom To Know The Difference”.
– She’s one of the stars of action series “Laced And Loaded” where she plays Cyd a woman who is taken under the wing of the gun-toting vixen Raven (Sara Montez) and becomes a member of her band of vigilantes.
– Her comedy-horror “Getting Schooled” that’s been released which is inspired by “The Breakfast Club” sees Mayra as Julie who together with her fellow detention buddies are targeted by a wheelchair-bound teacher.

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Candace Hammer in “Drunk Hawk Man”

actress candace hammer drunk hawk man

– Candace Hammer makes for one delightful Carol, the entrepreneurial tech maven and sometimes super-villain a.k.a. a version of Star Sapphire unlike anything you’ve seen before in the funny “Drunk Hawk Man”.
– Notably she guest starred as Dylan Einstein, a potential interest of the now incarcerated Dr. Reid on “Criminal Minds and went on to have appearances on “Masters Of Sex” as well as the much acclaimed “This Is Us”.
– With an ever-growing buzz whirling around the drama series “GirlBoss” which has the one of the most flawed leads ever seen on TV, we can’t wait to see Candace’s upcoming appearance on the new Netflix series.

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Kabby Borders in “Traif: An Unkosher Series”

actress kabby borders Traif: An Unkosher Series

– Head-turner Kabby Borders is a rising screen sweetheart who made our hearts aflutter after appearing in 2 films on the SyFy Channel, the creature feature “Dam Sharks” and the horror tale “They Found Hell”.
– It’s no wonder she’s playing The Crush Stephanie on “Traif: An Unkosher Series” which is about a Jewish chef who opens a restaurant with a very non-Jewish cuisine. It will whet your appetite for laughter.
– Do also check her as Stacey Pierce, one of the cool kids at Jamestown University who is running for president in “The Inspectors”. She’ll also be illuminating the big screen in the indie comedy “Pitching Tents” this week.

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Devin Sidell in “LA Picker”

actress devin sidell la picker

– A blossoming star of both the small screen and the world of indie films, Devin Sidell is garnering avidity on the web too thanks to her lead role in “L.A. Picker” which sees a turf war brewing between online resellers.
– Devin is all high energy as Sally Sandburg who repackages and sells unwanted items and her battle with her rival Jonathan to be the reseller supremo is one of the many hot picks of this absorbing series.
– While we know her as an adept comedienne, her forays on stories of a rousing tone is just as affective. Her recent stint as the dishevelled suspect Angela Russell on “NCIS” is testament to her mastery of the dramatic medium.

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