HollyWeb Festival 2017 Spotlight: Allison Bills

actress allison bills hollyweb film festival 2017

Our affection for the women of comedy is a treasured thing and this weekend it’s time to spread the love for the amiable Allison Bills. She stars on the web series “Quirky Female Protagonist” which screens at this year’s HollyWeb Festival and aims to deconstruct romantic tropes. As part of the esteemed cast which is led by Aliee Chan and Jessica Kinsella who play characters with names so subtle such as Kooky Neighbor and Alison’s own moniker Office Boss, the screen talents of “Quirky Female Protagonist” have been praised for their clever inflections.

She also recently played a very quirky character on the Nickelodeon series “Game Shakers” and elicit chuckles as Narla, an eccentric woman with a taste for eating grass. The small screen has been Allison’s forte as a charming comedienne with her appearing in shows of both the dramatic and comedic persuasion. You may have spotted her on “The Mentalist”, “The Brink”, “Scorpion”, “Shameless” and the America Ferrera sitcom “Superstore” in a surprising role as quite the crafty customer at the big box store Cloud 9. You wouldn’t expect such a genial lady to be so wily and Allison aces her slick persona.

actress allison bills quirky female protagonist

Having been a series regular on Comedy Central’s series “Mashup” and establishing herself as an offbeat funny woman, Allison is giving back to society by mentoring segments both young and old on improv skills. This sassy comedienne is steadily warming up to audiences one laugh at a time.

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