The Must Watch Actresses @ Cleveland International Film Fest 2017

Julia Eringer in “Eulogilia”

actress julia eringer eulogilia

– We do celebrate the wondrous talents from the UK and the luscious Julia Eringer is very much on our minds with her being the beguiling face of the engrossing short film “Eulogilia” and the slasher film “Foxtrap”.
– Her “Best Supporting Actress in a Short Film” win at this year’s Hollywood Reel Indie Film Fest for her work on “Eulogilia” will thrust her firmly into the limelight. We will most certainly adore Julia’s elegant glow.
– Horror fans will be fond of her as the feisty Dina in “Foxtrap” which happens to be her first British indie film. We certainly love to see more Scream Queens from the UK and Julia makes for a most captivating one.

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Sari Sanchez in “Signature Move”

actress sari sanchez signature move

– Having made waves at SXSW, the adore-worthy star of “Signature Move”, Sari Sanchez is making charming inroads on the festival circuit with her currently attending the Wicked Queer Film Fest and soon CIFF 2017.
– She is eye-catching as Alma, a Mexican woman who bonds romantically with Zaynab (Fawzia Mirza), a thirty-something Pakistani Muslim through their mutual love of wresting in this must-see LGBT drama.
– Throughout “Signature Move”, we’ll be enthralled with how she beautifully embodies the multi-dimensional aspects of her role as Alma. One thing’s for sure, we can’t wait to see her as a romantic leading lady again!

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Julia Aks in “No Evil”

actress julia aks no evil

– Her gripping horror short “No Evil” has been a big draw at many film festivals including Cannes and sees the delectable Julia Aks as Liz, a woman whose eavesdropping habits might just be the death of her.
– Best remembered for her scene-stealing performance in the horror comedy “Clinger”, another film festival hit, Julia’s cynical turn as Kelsey Peterson is genuinely fascinating which has its adorable moments.

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Meredith Thomas in “All The Marbles”

actress meredith thomas all the marbles

– It’s no secret some of us have an affinity for blondes especially when they have an infectious vivacity such as the talented Meredith Thomas who is a jewel of multiple mediums and is endowed with a brimming allure.
– In the family adventure short “All The Marbles”, Meredith plays the wife of a young boy Wolf who is known as a bully and challenges a boy named Jamison to a game of marbles which in their magical world is precious.
– Television is definitely going to be an enchanting frontier to start fawning over her as Meredith is guest-starring in “Swedish Dicks” and the third Season of “Angie Tribeca” which stars Rashida Jones.

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Beth Grant in “Domain”

actress beth grant domain

– A siren of film and television across multiple genres notably comedy in the TV show “The Mindy Project” and drama in the award-winning “Jackie”, it’s no surprise that Beth Grant is making prominent strides in sci-fi too.
– She stars in the thriller “Domain” as Nadine, the host of a corporate video that reveals a virus is spreading through the surviving population and people are being isolated underground to curb its spread.
– One of the most outstanding actresses of this era whose dramatisation of kooky yet ultimately lovable characters has endeared herself to audiences, it’s time Beth is feted with a award or two for her achievements on screen.

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