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The effusiveness of her charisma is impressively enticing and the gorgeous Jenn Lyon returns to TV Land this week in her funniest incarnation yet. She guest-stars on “Crashing” as Julie, the very woman whose husband had an affair with the wife of Pete Holmes. Watch Jenn stir up trouble as she embodies the cuckolded wife who just can’t seem to move on from her husband’s betrayal despite Pete’s best efforts to placate her. One of the hilarious moments happen when she kicks up a fuss at this talk show so be sure to catch Jenn in the episode “Julie” which was obviously tailor made for Jenn’s blunt character.

Jenn has certainly played some brassy women on television, most notably as the heartbreaker Lindsey Salazar on “Justified”. She was a revelation as the often semi-clothed barmaid with a most grounded personality. In a most tempting portrayal, she did set hearts aflutter as she did leading man Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant). On “Suburgatory”, she was all attitude as Georgia, the sister of Cheryl Hines’ character Dallas Royce who were in a sibling rivalry. Jenn also played the wife of George Lopez’s “Saint George” with their cultural differences sometimes becoming a hindrance in their marriage. It would be awesome if see appeared on his new show “Lopez” which is in its 2nd Season.

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She will however star on the upcoming TNT series “Claws” that is executive produced by Rashida Jones and focuses on the lives of women employees at a Florida hair salon. She plays the best friend of salon owner Desna (Niecy Nash), a now sober ex-party girl raising two children from previous relationships. Described as a ‘midnight-dark, wickedly funny meditation on female badness’, this is perfect ground for Jenn to revel in the fascinating audaciousness she consistently brings to the small screen. We definitely have our adoration turned on for the luscious Jenn and so will the planet!

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