The Must Watch Indie Sweethearts @ Garden State Film Fest 2017

Aida Lembo in “Boy Soldier”

actress aida lembo boy soldier

– Having dazzled as Sundance 2017 as both an actress of the indie drama “Gook” as well as the assistant director of the comedy “Band Aid”, she’s set to stir hearts at this year’s Garden State Film Fest too.
– In a poignant performance, Aida stars in “Boy Soldier” as Liz Bootley whose son has an over-active imagination decides to craft a battleground of sorts and takes on a mission to stop his parents from divorcing.
– Her lovable appeal is such a joy and she’s part of the every growing pool of women making waves on both sides of the camera. Don’t miss her returning to medical duties in the upcoming film “Caretakers”.

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Haviland Stillwell in “The Dunning Man”

actress haviland stillwell the dunning man

– A honey in every sense of the word, Haviland Stillwell continues to captivate hearts in the guise of some unconventional characters and we are so fond of how she can effortlessly bring smiles to our faces.
– In the entertaining comedy “The Dunning Man”, she’s all sultry as Erika Deitz-Hoffman in her slinky cat-like persona who with her merry band of “animal people” spell trouble for leading man Connor Ryan (James Carpinello).
– With her magnetic qualities, I do reckon Haviland will be a big draw if she’s in these 2 roles; She’ll either shine in a recurring role on “Pretty Little Liars” or she’ll make a great Catwoman alongside Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn.

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Melanie Cruz in “Lullaby”

actress melanie cruz lullaby

– Her gifts as an engagingly lovely actress stems from her genuinely heartwarming facets and Melanie Cruz has also been praised for displaying a level of dedication to her craft that elicits commendation.
– The expressively beautiful Melanie essays a strikingly strong performance in “Lullaby” as Agent Gabriel, a dauntless FBI agent who tries to free a young girl Catherine (Zoe Yale) from her long term captor.
– Television has also been another platform where she’s garnered attention having guest-starred on the acclaimed series “Big Love”, “American Horror Story” and playing Agent Noelle Walters on “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”.

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Kathy Searle in “Frequency”

actress kathy searle frequency

– The consistently fascinating comedienne Kathy Searle is going to be seen prominently on the festival circuit with her films having their premieres at this year’s Garden State Film Fest, NYCIFF 2017 and many more.
– In the romantic comedy short “Frequency”, she charmingly assumes the role of Kathy, a scientist who goest to cosmic lengths to ensure her first date goes smoothly by bending space and time.
– Do catch her in “Pitching Tents” which is screening this week and I’m sure the always vivacious Kathy will add shades of her colourful personality into the retro comedy that’s set in 1984 and stars Booboo Stewart.

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