Christina Collard

actress christina collard the detour

Our fascination with Australian enchanters goes on with the beautiful Christina Collard dazzling up TV Land this week. She appears on the comedy series “The Detour” as Naomi who can be described as a beautiful, charismatic girl who can be likened to a Christian Britney spears type. Her Naomi is a member of a Christian all-girl pop group who chances upon Jason Jones’s Nate Parker, Natalie Zea’s Robin Paker and family as Nate goes for a business meeting with the Mountain Ballad Church. From the oft, Christina is indeed ravishing and I’m so happy she got to utilise her Aussie accent which is uber sexy. As the bubbly Naomi, Christina also showcases her vocal prowess and dance moves on top of being a savvy comedienne. There’s some Aussie humour to laugh at and Christina has her endearing moments with both Jason and Liam Carroll who plays his son Jared Parker.

As they say down under, I was pretty stoked to see Christina in this episode and was chuckling all the way in what is a hilarious laugh a minute episode of “The Detour”. That Jason is a lucky guy having locked lips with her onscreen. It’s really one of the best half an hour comic gold that touches on the lighter side of religion and it’s no wonder Christina has affirm it was a dream role for her. I can’t wait for the lovely Christina to whip up more magic as a comedienne. She is notable for starring in “The Morning After” which is a dramedy that reveals the aftermath of sex once the deed is done which was well received on the festival circuit. Christina has also worked with some of the best Australian talents including Joel Edgerton, Abbie Cornish and Hugo Weaving.

actress christina collard actress spotlight

She’s indeed a tempting sweetheart and we love to shower her with our ever growing passion. It’s time we all jump on the Christina Collard Appreciation Bandwagon!

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