Jules Willcox

actress jules willcox chicago pd

There’s no better time than the present to applaud the wondrous women of the small screen and the dramatic resonance that Jules Willcox has this week is commendable. She has a recurring role on “Chicago P.D.” as Nicole Silver, the sister of Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) who both will go to an emotional rollercoaster on this week’s episode ‘Last Minute Resistance’. We were introduced to Nicole in last week’s episode and this time she is found at a subway station, the victim of a brutal sexual assault after being drugged. This sparks the undercover operation of her sister to find the rapist and it all comes to a relentlessly bloody end for the perp. The chemistry between Jules and Marina is palpable in their shared pain with the bond between their characters growing stronger after a dark chapter in their lives.

Due to the sheer number of compelling content in 2017, I may have not been as consistent on my consumption of all things “Chicago P.D.” but Jules has most certainly made me a fan of the show. Jules’s star is set to rise further as she’s also going to be on the final season of the gripping familial drama series “Bloodline” on Netflix. Expect her to be mired in the secrets of the Rayburn family amidst the rising temperatures of the Florida Keys. Jules has already showcased her flair for roles that’s substantially affecting so keep your eyes intently on this accomplished talent. Seeing the luminous Jules in the company of greats such as the icon Sissy Spacek, Kyle Chandler and Linda Cardellini will be glorious.

actress jules willcox actress spotlight

Indie fans would have noticed her in the festival hit “Dependent’s Day” and she’s also in the cast of the upcoming noir thriller “Under The Silver Lake” which stars Andrew Garfield. She’s been lauded as the genuine article, an actors-actor who can do it all and there will surely be an outpouring of love for Jules in the months ahead.

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