Cleveland International Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Jade Viggiano

actress jade viggiano cleveland international film festival 2017

Championing blossoming women on film is a prerogative and the adorable Jade Viggiano may yet be the apple of our eyes. She stars in “Beautiful Garden” which is premiering at this year’s Cleveland International Film Fest and is a solid entry into the indie drama scene. We get to see Jade as Lauren who together with her friend Stacy are penniless young women who find a ramshackle home where there’s a community of people who have created a place they call the “Beautiful Garden”. It’s a place of solace for the girls until an incident changes the group dynamics in the most unsettling of ways. As with all communes, trouble is always brewing beneath the surface. Jade essays her role as Lauren with vigour, navigating the insecurities of a young woman still trying to find her identity. Let’s hope she gets to sink her teeth into more dramatic roles that can only augur well for her emergence in the indie arena.

She’s definitely a face we would also love to see on television where it’s the hottest medium for the most compelling stories and an ever growing bevy of upcoming starlets. Jade is endowed with the serene cuteness that would fuel admiration in any capacity. Off screen, Jade is a SoulCycle instructor who is known for challenging riders to push past his or her limit. Her classes are full of high octane energy where you will be working off a sweat which will be worth all the effort! On screen, we’re ready to have our hearts enraptured by the soulful appeal of the precious Jade Viggiano.

actress jade viggiano beautiful garden

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