Jamie Bernadette

actress jamie bernadette the 6th friend

The elegantly lissome Jamie Bernadette is turning heads all of this weekend with her riveting performances that have a fascinating edge. She’s going to be a screen darling of three film festivals including the International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival which she will be gracing as well as the Phoenix Film Fest and NYCIFF 2017. The star of “The 6th Friend” and “Face Of Evil” which are official selections at the aforementioned film festivals are full of suspenseful moments fronted by the impeccable talents of the gorgeous Jamie. She’s also amassed a devoted fanbase with recent turns in indie films such as “All Girls Weekend” and “Sinbad and the War of the Furies” alongside John Hennigan a.k.a John Morrison, the former WWE superstar. You can read more about her interesting array of upcoming projects right here.

Jamie is also the esteemed recipient of the 2017 Best Actress award from the Independent Cinema Foundation solidifying her standing as a sought after indie talent. Her paranormal slasher “The 6th Friend” saw her wearing multiple hats with her flair for producing and writing coming to the fore. It was awesome to find out she was inspired by the “The Descent” which was a high tension, female-fronted psychological horror film that ranks as one of my favourites. With her upcoming role as Kirsty Hills, the daughter of icon Camille Keaton’s Jennifer Hills in “I Spit on Your Grave: Déjà Vu”, Jamie affirms she’s going to be a visual addiction for audiences. Her emergence as a comedienne who can thread the darker side such as in “American Satan” or go the funny route as in “Smothered by Mothers” is driving up even more exaltation for the enchantingly dynamic Jamie.

actress jamie bernadette actress spotlight

Her passion for horror is second to none and it has translated ever so vibrantly for her as she absorbingly portrays fear, terror, grief, shock, agony, pain, and more. While we dream of her being The Final Girl in every movie, her ubiquity as a multi-genre actress is itself a most wondrous thing.

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