Madelaine Petsch

actress madelaine petsch riverdale

Back in 2011, the scarlet-haired Holland Roden of “Teen Wolf” fame became one of my screen heroines and now in 2017, the ravishing redhead Madelaine Petsch has indeed blossomed into one of my idols. She stars as Cheryl Blossom on “Riverdale” which is inspired by the Archie comic books and it’s great to see this week’s episode ‘La Grande Illusion’ is an ode to her enticing character. The scene of her in the alluring cocktail dress amidst the chilling winds of winter should warrant a most healthy obsession. Madelaine projects such a hypnotic mystique as Cheryl that we can’t help but be under her thrall. She has the villainous edge what with her ongoing sharp-tongued feud with Jughead but Madelaine has at times infused her version of Cheryl with some redeeming qualities or does she have any as evidenced by the quote from Jughead about her being the Storm Of Chaos.

She’s keeping fans on tether-hooks and it is Madelaine’s profoundly potent turn as the bad girl of Riverdale that will have us craving for her in many more Seasons to come. Have you seen Madelaine off camera? She may be stirring up mayhem onscreen but this young enchanter is every bit the model of sweetness. On a personal note, I loved that she’s joined by the likes of Camila Mendes, Lili Reinhart and Mädchen Amick who is by far one of my most beloved actresses growing up. On “Riverdale”, the women are just as much the core game changers as leading man Archie with their personalities given a richly compelling treatment. Madelaine’s Cheryl is definitely extraordinary as the Queen Bee of Riverdale High!

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With Madelaine making waves and the splendour of ardor from audiences on a rate of knots, she’s already a hugely coveted sensation on Planet TV.

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