Indie Sweethearts To Crave @ Phoenix Film Fest 2017 – Part 1

Katie Morrison in “Unnerved”

actress katie morrison unnerved

– When it comes to lauding indie talents, the eye-catching Katie Morrison is blessed with such radiance and she’s gracing this year’s Phoenix Film Fest where her terror tale “Unnerved” is having its world premiere.
– A spine tingling horror film is always to be cherished and Katie channels an affecting vulnerability as Mallory who with her husband has to deal with a supernatural entity that doesn’t want to leave them at peace.
– With the impending release of “Ovum” on iTunes, DVD and VOD, audiences will be drawn to her stirring portrayal as Ellen, the fearless lesbian art model opposite Sonja O’ Hara’s aspiring actress Calpurnia Dylan.

Chantelle Albers in “The 6th Friend”

actress chantelle albers the 6th friend

– Chantelle Albers is a captivator as Melissa White, the BFF of Jamie Bernadette’s Joey Taylor in the slasher with a supernatural twist “The 6th Friend” which is currently swaying our interest at several film festivals.
– At last year’s Cannes Film Fest, the strikingly beautiful Chantelle Albers also made a sterling impression in the dramatic short “The Visit” and in 2017, she’ll shine once more in the indie scarefest “Reawakened”.
– While we’ve familiar with the Silver Banshee on the show “Supergirl”, be sure to catch Chantelle as the Banshee in “The Demon In The Dark” in a time when Batman prowls the streets, striking fear in villains.

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Susan-Kate Heaney in “Mister Sewer’s Murder Room”

actress susan kate heaney mister sewer's murder room

– Be it on a web series to a collection of short films as well as independent features, the adorable Susan-Kate Heaney has the good-natured appeal that can easily whip up a generous endorsement from audiences.
– She recently had a co-star role on the “The Mindy Project” as Nurse Mackenzie alongside Fortune Feimster’s Colette Kimball-Kinney who like many spreads a juicy rumour that’s part of a bigger plan.
– Be sure to check her out in “Mister Sewer’s Murder Room” which puts the humour into the very much loved sub-genre of kill or be killed ala Battle Royale as we all know murdering someone is no laughing matter or is it?

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Katie Maguire in “Gold Star”

actress katie mcguire gold star

– Viewers will love how the enchanting Katie McGuire is popping up on our radar with appearances in the web series “LI Divas”, the TV series “Search Party” with Alia Shawkat and the poignant drama “Gold Star”.
– Not only is Katie a whiz at playing over-the top women onscreen, she’s also wonderfully accomplished as a writer and producer with several awards under her belt which includes her win as Best Actress at the NYC WebFest.
– I was lucky to get this interview with Katie as she talks about her roles in several of her projects and how she sees female characters evolving. We are most definitely gravitating towards this darling of the indie world.

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