Indie Sweethearts To Crave @ Phoenix Film Fest 2017 – Part 2

Alena Von Stroheim in “Found Footage”

actress alena von stroheim found footage

– Alena Von Stroheim is the absorbing face of the riveting “Found Footage” which has achieved a cult-like following and is regarded as one of the best found footage films with its intelligent twist on the sub-genre.
– Having garnered 2 Best Actress Awards for her standout performance as leading lady Amy, she’ll be a desirable indie darling soon enough. Alena painted Amy’s likeable complexity with a invitingly, organic verve.
– Having showcased her versatility in the personage of complex women, we do hope she gets to dazzle on television perhaps in the upcoming instalment of “American Horror Story” or even on a show like “Outcast”.

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Carlee Baker in “Creatures Of Whitechapel”

actress carlee baker creatures of whitechapel

– Having been a scene-stealer on “The Woman” alongside Pollyanna Mcintosh better known as Jadis a.ka. Judas of “The Walking Dead”, she enthralled us by essaying a most bizarre role in “Creatures Of WhiteChapel”.
– Taking on celebrated figures in horror lore namely Igor and Jack The Ripper, Carlee crafts a quirky version of the aforementioned characters complete with bad teeth and macabre mannerisms which has to be lauded.
– A Sex Symbol of the horror genre, Carlee is quite the impeccable talent. She’s a delectable model, a voice actress on “Robot Chicken” and we will see her comedy chops in the upcoming TV series “Omega Models”.

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Laura Heisler in “4 Pounds Of Flowers”

actress laura heisler 4 pounds of flowers

– If you adore the sublime loveliness of beloved indie star Amy Seimetz, then gravitating towards film and TV sweetheart Laura Heisler is a must as she’s just as blessed with a sublime refinement that reels you in.
– Having been eye-catching as Alice, the girlfriend of supernatural skeptic Miles in the must-see horror film “We Go On”, she’ll shine alongside Gotham star Chris Chalk in the dramedy short “4 Pounds Of Flowers”.
– She also made a sterling impression in an emotionally-wrought performance on “Chicago Med” as a distraught mother who has to choose between her son and her nephew on who gets her blood to save their lives.

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