Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Lucy Rayner

actress lucy rayner hollywood comedy shorts film fest 2017

April sees the advent of a barrage of film festivals where we will get a glimpse of enchanters such as British actress Lucy Rayner. She appears in “The Bearded Lady”, a web series that follows the life of the titular hirsute Brenda (Amanda Romeo). Lucy plays Debbie, one of the new acquaintances of Brenda who might just have more in common with Brenda than she herself first thought when it comes to body blemishes. It goes to show that even the best of us have flaws. Onscreen, this English Rose has the soft, doe like features which audiences will be ardently receptive towards.

Known for being an accomplished voice-over actress as well as a dazzling fixture on theatre productions and films, Lucy was also a recipient of the Best Supporting Actress at the Madrid International Film Festival for her performance in the visually affecting short “Bolero”. She has also done a series of audiobooks and was praised for the richness of her voice as Queen Victoria. Suffice to say being addicted to the British accent or the many other inflections she’s done is part and parcel of adoring the vivacious Lucy. On stage, she’s best remembered for her role as the sultry Boots in the play “Almost Perfect which ran at the Santa Monica playhouse and she did indeed showcased her radiant, feminine wiles. That’s a seductive side of Lucy that many would love to see her replicate on a film or TV series.

actress lucy rayner the bearded lady

Meanwhile Lucy’s affable qualities should already strike a chord with us as we await her emergence as a darling of moving narratives.

Do visit the Lucy Rayner Official Site for all the latest updates.

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