Hotties On Film, TV, DVD & The Web – 12 April 2017

Carly Craig in “American Housewife”

actress carly craig american housewife

– Let us all be forever falling at the feet of the superlative comedienne Carly Craig who is both drop dead gorgeous and has been for many a year an enthrallingly edgy funny woman on film as well as television.
– She is a definite scene stealer on this week’s episode of “American Housewife, as the caustic, vegan thumping Tara Summers who in spite of her antagonistic ways is growing on Katy Mixon’s affectionate Katie Otto.
– If ever there was a pin-up girl of comedy then the ravishing Carly would make for a distinguished representative. She’s one of the most affable actresses of her generation, a cert for global adoration.

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Electra Avellan in “The Son”

actress electra avellan the son

– We adore Electra Avellan as one of the sexiest emerging Latin actresses having sizzled on films such as “Machete Kills” and “Grindhouse”. She embodies a much more demure persona on the new AMC Series “The Son”.
– Electra is in the recurring role of Ana, the decorous wife of Cesar, a Mexican nationalist who doesn’t approve of her spouse’s friendly relations with Pierce Brosnan’s Eli with the two having a painful history.
– With “The Son” expected to deliver sweeping dramatic moments with the Wild West as it setting, expect Electra to be in the thick of it especially since she previously starred in the intense thriller “Hidden In The Woods”.

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Nora Kirkpatrick in “Sandy Wexler”

actress nora kirtkpatrick sandy wexler

– With highly anticipated appearances in Adam Sandler’s “Sandy Wexler” and “Song of Back and Neck” directed by Paul Lieberstein of “The Office” fame, Nora Kirkpatrick is the enticing name on the tips of our tongues.
– Nora has already graced the red carpet at the ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood premiere of “Sandy Wexler” in stunning crimson red so watch this multi-talented cutie spice it up in a ’90s car race with Adam Sandler’s Sandy.
– She is notable for being the creator, writer and director of “Virtually Mike and Nora”, the first ever Virtual Reality comedy series for Hulu which premiered at Sundance ensuring her spot in any indie fan’s heart of hearts.

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Ilana Becker in “Crashing”

actress Ilana Becker crashing

– One can’t stop regaling about the growing influence of Ilana Becker as an entertainer with her ubiquity on indie films, television and most famously on the acclaimed Viberzi ad as Irritabelle, your IBS sidekick.
– Applauded by TV personality Greg Gutfeld to be one of his heroes, Ilana has consistently been one of the most endearing figures across numerous entertainment channels including being a constant sizzler on this blog.
– Don’t miss her as a guest-star on the Season Finale of “Crashing” playing Ellen, a mother who partakes in her first baptism. Even in the throes of comedy, Ilana has a magnetic honesty that’s effusively delectable.

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