Cara AnnMarie

actress cara annmarie detroiters

Serenely beautiful, Cara AnnMarie is indeed a sparkling, enigmatic talent that we will look upon with endearment. She co-stars on the Season Finale of “Detroiters” this week as Judy Thompson, the director of marketing for Quick Loans who is introduced to Sam (Richardson) and Tim (Robinson), the ad men with a great reputation. What she gets however is very much a different beast or should I say beasts as they make a mockery at their business meeting. Many will find ardour with Cara’s attractive, genial personality that’s elevated by her strikingly mesmeric blue eyes. Do watch Cara let out a shriek that could easily see her excel as a Scream Queen where horror is a genre she’s been part of.

Here’s Cara revealing more about her projects including the upcoming horror film “Dead Quiet”:

Dead Quiet was such a brilliant experience to make & be a part of – It was a few years ago now – so let me think back. I play the role of Sophia – she’s been in a long term relationship with Nick (Kip Weeks) in the film – and he never seems to be able to become the man she’s hoping for. Lots of pot smoking (I think) is holding him back. Suddenly he inherits a building that seems a good opportunity for investment and she thinks this could be the key to him growing up – perhaps – and their relationship going to the next level. Obviously that will all go wrong. I think in the movie you’ll see her grow closer to him and in order to survive she will see who and what is really important when ‘stuff’ starts to get real & really really scary. lol After Dead Quiet – I have steadily kept working on indie films – Moontrap : Target Earth with Charles Shaugnessy and Liberty’s Secret – The 100% All – American Musical. That’s about it – in my free time I love to hike and play with my rescue pups Olive & Annie.

I can’t wait to watch her alongside Sarah Butler (whom I adore with immense passion) in “Moontrap: Target Earth”. Cara is also blossoming along nicely on the small screen as she will appear in the second episode of the new series on Netflix called “Ozark” with Jason Bateman (starring and directing) and Laura Linney.

actress cara annmarie sizzling cutie

Exciting times are abound for the burgeoning indie and TV sweetheart Cara as she fosters our growing admiration for her. Her piquing for out interest is one that’s at the cusp of being delightfully persuasive.

Do visit the Cara AnnMarie Official Site for all the latest updates.

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