The Women Of Criminal Minds Beyond Borders – April 2017

With the premise of this week’s “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” having the murder set in my home country of Singapore, it’s a must to feature the actresses marking their appearance on the episode “Cinderella and the Dragon”. Both Corie Vickers and Toni Trucks are enchanting talents who have a wonderful track record on television having been luminous on a range of hit shows. It’s not often we have a bevy of beauties on 1 episode so having the loveliness of Corie and Toni in our adoring sights is an exciting proposition.

Corie Vickers

actress corie vickers criminal minds beyond borders

Corie plays Lisa Carter, a tourist who together with her husband are on their first ever visit to Singapore. However her holidays turn sideways fast when she shockingly discovers one of the stewardess on her flight is dead right at the baggage reclaim area. When it comes to redheads, we effortlessly shower Corie with affection as she’s indeed a most radiant performer. She also recently played a judge on the comedy series “Dr Ken”, one of her many engaging incarnations on TV.

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Toni Trucks

actress toni trucks criminal minds beyond borders

One of the most telegenic TV actresses, her robust, spunky turns in shows such as “NCIS: New Orleans” have been a thrill. She ratchets it up a notch this week as Kathy Hall, a stewardess on a trip to Singapore who is a suspect in the killing of her colleague. Watch her evade the law in a country that has capital punishment for murder. Don’t miss her in the upcoming yet untitled navy seals pilot that will see her in her most rigorous, physical role yet.

2 thoughts on “The Women Of Criminal Minds Beyond Borders – April 2017

  1. Haren, you are a rockstar! How kind and incredible of you to post this! Thank you for being so generous in your descriptives, I’ll try to live up to them, if it’s possible.
    Watch me on The Last Tycoon, coming soon! 😉

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