Sizzling Actresses To Adore @ Boston International Film Fest 2017

Barbie Castro in “Boyfriend Killer”

actress barbie castro boyfriend killer

– The Lifetime Network is fast becoming one of the most enticing channels for thrills and the beautiful Barbie Castro could well be regarded as a screen muse with 4 of her movies on rotation for our viewing pleasure.
– She will be gracing this year’s Boston International Film Fest in support of her film “Boyfriend Killer” where she stars as Sandra Cruz Durro, a grieving mother who discovers her late son’s ex is a deranged predator.
– Barbie has won numerous acting and producing awards and is an accomplished name on the independent arena. Her emotionally rich performances and genuine presence onscreen are a cornerstone of Barbie’s resonating appeal.

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Teri Reeves in “Island Zero”

actress teri reeves island zero

– Having rose to prominence on TV in shows such as “Chicago Fire” and “Once Upon A Time”, the adorable Teri Reeves is quickly ascending as an indie sweetheart with a magnetism that relatable and infatuation worthy.
– Don’t miss her in the indie horror film “Island Zero” that has a Lovecraftian-like feel as she stars as Lucy who band together with the other inhabitants of a fishing island to face an unseen terror that has a thirst for blood.
– Teri has a busy slate of films that delves into varying genres, from the thriller “Further Witness” alongside 12 Monkeys star Aaron Stafford and dabbling into the supernatural as the lead in “Little Rituals”.

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Rachel Risen in “Born Guilty”

actress rachel risen born guilty

– Rachel Risen is a web vixen, having won plaudits for her portrayal of fascinating women on the web series “Leap Year, “The Hayley Project” and “The Temp Life” alongside “This Is Us” leading man Milo Ventimiglia.
– Having been eye-catching in her supporting role on the political comedy “Swing State”, expect Rachel’s imminent appearance in the romantic comedy “Born Guilty” to be viewed fondly as her geniality is infectious.
– Do look out for Rachel to dazzle us in the upcoming culture clash comedy “Frat Pack” which has an ensemble cast including Machete’s Danny Trejo, “Patriots” starlet Hana Mae Lee and Saving Hope’s Kate Drummond.

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