Tribeca Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Haroula Rose

actress haroula rose tribeca film festival 2017

With the expanded format at this year’s Tribeca Film Fest with the return of Tribeca TV 2017, it’s the perfect time to fawn over the delightful Haroula Rose. She’s the director, writer, executive producer and actress of the TV pilot “Lost & Found” that will have its World Premiere at this year’s most eclectic Tribeca yet. “Lost & Found” turns the act of holy matrimony on its head as the story sees a modern LA couple hosting an ‘Un-wedding’ party. Inviting family and friends to their uncoupling festivities could well take an undesirable turn as secrets are revealed that will test familial as well as friendship bonds. Kudos to Haroula for roping esteemed talents such as Jennifer LaFleur and Abby Wathen who are both very much adored on this blog.

In addition to Haroula’s rise as a film-maker, she’s also a captivating singer and her intimate, ethereal vocals is prominently amazing in her folk song “SongBird”. Folk has certainly enraptured my mind ever since last year when I came across the band Escondido and this new singer by the name of Haley Heynderickx. Likewise, Haroula has a delicate tone in her voice that reels you in with such divine grace. “Songbird” already has 1,000,000 + plays on Spotify, proving it’s indeed admired and quite the addictive tune. One of her songs “Walk Away” was even featured on the hit CW series “iZombie” which recently returned for its 3rd Season. We should all be so lucky to even have 1/4 of Haroula’s awe-inspiring talents.

actress haroula rose lost and found pilot

Miss Rose is all shimmering sweetness and with the revelry of Tribeca mere days away, her compelling influence on film, television as well as music will win her a steady stream of devotees.

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