Lexi Atkins

actress lexi atkins hawaii five-0

When it comes to the most inviting women of film and television, we can’t stop admiring the Goddess that is Lexi Atkins. This week, she guest-stars on “Hawaii Five-0” as Amanda Patterson, a young woman who suffers a tragedy when her grandfather (Hal Holbrook) is killed in a road accident. It’s soon revealed the vehicle involve is a getaway van of a ring of hardened criminals. It’s Lexi’s most emotional performance yet as the grieving Amanda who is consoled by Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and together with his team goes on the hunt to find the perpetrators responsible. Amanda’s grandfather was actually one of the last survivors of the USS Arizona and has a history with Steve’s grandfather making him the perfect man to be the lead on the investigation. What transpires will be a most bloody fight to deliver justice!

With her flawless beauty that’s a vision of amiability, there’s every reason to be enamoured with her for days on end. This star of cult hit “Zombeavers” and “Some Kind Of Hate” is also one of most approachable actresses of her generation affirming she’s set to be an eternal sweetheart. She also appeared alongside “Shades Of Blue” leading lady Jennifer Lopez in the thriller “The Boy Next Door” as Allie Callahan who comes to the aid of her bullied son. Lexi has been an immaculate quintessence in everything she’s done and she’s only going to sparkle even more.

actress lexi atkins hawaii five-0

She’s a genuine belle having mesmerised us as Miss Illinois USA and preceding that esteemed title, she was Miss Illinois Teen USA 2010. Lexi is most definitely a talent who effortlessly evokes a smile on our faces.

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