Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Emily Churchill

actress emily churchill hollywood comedy shorts film festival 2017

Comedy gold does exist in the short film medium and they are often fronted by impeccable funny women such as the vivacious Emily Churchill. She stars in “Friends on a Bench: A Relationship in Six Acts” as Peggy whose cosy friendship with her BFF Margie (Jill Carty) is tested when a suave gentleman comes into their once uncomplicated lives. Emily may have came into our purview on “Criminal Minds” as Agent Dorian Loker who forms a bond with Matthew Gray Gubler’s Dr Reid” yet her comedic talents are just as commendable. On “Criminal Minds”, her character Dorian was even touted as a potential love interest seeing how she had a common interest with Reid on their fluency in Russian and interest in Great Expectations. Well almost until he blurted out details in the acclaimed novel she hasn’t even read yet!

While we didn’t see her exploring romance that time round, she will be in the throes of a puppy love of sorts in “Friends on a Bench: A Relationship in Six Acts”. Her recent turn on “2 Broke Girls” alongside Kat Dennings and Jennifer Coolidge was one of witty joviality. Emily has also elicit the laughs on shows such as “Reno 911”, “Bella and the Bulldogs” as well as on the Comedy Central stage and the web.

actress emily churchill Friends on a Bench: A Relationship in Six Acts

If you’re scouring for the women of comedy to brighten up your day, make sure to let the effervescent Emily give you slices of the funny side of life onscreen.

Do visit the Emily Churchill Official Site for all the latest updates.

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