Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Lisa Ovies

actress lisa ovies hollywood comedy shorts film fest 2017

We are blessed to have inspirational women in our lives and the multi-faceted Lisa Ovies would be regarded as a heroine for fans of independent cinema. She is the director of “I Wanna Date You” that sees 2 best friends who have just had about enough of men having cold feet when it comes to romance. It’s so awesome to see her roping in Laura Adkin and Lisa Durupt to be on her charming short film and together this trio are turning heads with their exemplary talents. To be able to provide juicy updates on her career as the gracious Lisa has done for me this week despite her busy schedule makes her such a gem! She’s actually was on the red carpet at this years Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Fest and is ever the stunning lady in floral red.

Directing “I Wanna Date U” was a unique experience for Lisa, having initially been a producer and within a week of going to camera was convinced to take on the directorial reins. Laura Adkin who is a producer on the film managed to convince her to come on board on such short notice with only 4 days to prep. It was Lisa’s first time directring Aleks Paunovic and Lisa Durupt and the experience was such a wonderful one that she ended up casting them for her feature “Puppet Killer”. She has effusive praises for everyone who worked on the team.

The entire cast was amazing and insanely talented. Laura was also really great about allowing me to tweak a line or two to add a different comedic feeling and the actors were so easy to work with.

– Lisa Ovies

director lisa ovies i wanna date you

She is indeed a storyteller who transcends genres and while Lisa’s crafted a stellar reputation in horror, her engaging endeavours in comedy will undoubtedly gained her a doting fanbase.

Here’s Lisa giving us an insight into her influences as a film-maker and her upcoming passion project:

My inspirations as a filmmaker always feel so cliche but I grew up on Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, Kevin Smith, Sam Raimi and Wes Anderson. I was really inspired by people that didn’t wait for the opportunity’s to come to them and who fought ahead against all odds to have their films come alive. I read their biographies obsessively and when I moved to Mexico at 18 to write my first screenplay, I actually brought an entire suitcase filled with their VHS tapes and forced all my friends to watch them. They are all very much alive in my latest feature film ‘Puppet Killer’, which is a comedic slasher that pays homage to 1980’s horror films and has a Sam Raimi feel in some of the camera work. It is also very much inspired by Kevin Smith’s writing and his ability to take all things he loves and put them in a film and in the characters dialogue without a concern about the mainstream acceptance of the subtle jokes and movie references. We have Guardians of the Galaxy in there, The Usual Suspects and so much more. Things fans with similar tastes will really enjoy but that don’t take away from the story if they do not

My next project is a project I am truly in love with. It is a horror film starring Aleks Paunovic of “War of the Planet of the Apes” and Richard Harmon of “The 100”. It is a film I spent years getting off the ground and seeing it come together is one of the greatest feelings I have ever experienced. I came up with the idea 3 years ago and people jumped on board and so much of the Vancouver film community came out to support us make this film. I never should have got the caliber of actors I got with it being my directorial debut on a feature. My entire team was a true gift and the experience has been life changing. I can’t wait to share this film with the world!

director lisa ovies puppet killer

As a fan of creative indie talents, I’m all in when it comes to being passionate about female film-makers like Lisa. There’s every chance “Puppet Killer” could be a cult classic and with the phenomenal Lisa on her way to be one of Canada’s finest auteurs, it won’t be long before she’s revered across the globe.

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