Sizzling Women To Adore @ Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Fest 2017 – Part 2

Sonja O’Hara in “Pee Sitting Down”

actress sonja o'hara pee sitting down

– The hits keep coming for indie actress and film-maker extraordinaire Sonja O’Hara who this time sizzles in the offbeat “Pee Sitting Down” that centres on a couple’s first date that’s never far away from awkwardness.
– A treasured face of independent cinema having wowed audiences with her brilliant opus “Doomsday”, she entices us as the tempting Ruby even as her partner Julian (Sebastian Quinn) coaxes her into bizarre sex acts.
– Don’t miss Sonja’s nuanced performance in the must see “Ovum” which has been released on iTunes. Her compelling narratives in the arena of riveting dark comedy is fuelling her rise as a premier indie star.

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Dixie Perkinson in “The Bearded Lady”

actress dixie perkinson the bearded lady

– Dixie Perkinson has the bubbly, gregarious nature that’s a perfect fit in comedy and she’s been making us chuckle in festival favourites “Becca & Molly”, “Gywndor” as well as on TV in the show “Wilfred”
– She plays Stacey, an HR administrator who at first insists on their potential recruits to have minimal facial hair but changes her tact when Brenda, the bearded lady gives her some pointers a Taylor Swift song!.
– The ease at which she channels her various perky alter egos on screen is praiseworthy and we can’t wait to see her be the leading lady of her own sitcom. She has the everywoman appeal which will be remembered with earnestness.

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Laura Adkin & Lisa Durupt in “I Wanna Date You”

actress laura adkin i wanna date you
actress lisa durupt i wanna date you

– It’s essential to jump at the chance to feature two of the most accomplished captivators from Canada with Laura Adkin and Lisa Durupt consistently being mesmeric as they are on the comedy short “I Wanna Date You”.
– Laura plays leading lady Holly who after being stood up decides to track the love miscreant down. She imbues her idealistic character Holly with a beguiling cuteness that makes us feel wholeheartedly for her.
– Lisa plays Lucy, the antithesis of her best friend Holly who we know as a hopeless romantic.

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Lilan Bowden & Jennifer Hall in “Dicky Sledgehammer”

actress lilan bowden dicky sledgehammer
actress jennifer hall dicky sledgehammer

– We say an overwhelming ‘Yes’ to the luscious ladies of comedy and with Lilan Bowden and Jennifer Hall, we are in adoration for these delectable stars of “Dicky Sledgehammer: The Case of Sunday Stone”
– Lilan plays Detective Yew who is a little wacky on par with her very manic wig. Lilan is currently appearing in Disney Channel’s “Andi Mack” as the rebellious Bex Mack, the free-spirited sister of the titular Andi Mack.
– Jennifer plays Cindy who is the main squeeze of a notorious criminal and cuts quite the seductive figure. She is slated to star in the comedy “Meat” alongside Al Sapienza of “The Sopranos” fame.

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