Tribeca Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: The Women Of Flames

If there’s an indie darling to wildly rave about at this year’s Tribeca, it’s the amazing Josephine Decker whose exploration of the senses on film have always been a cut above. Having garnered acclaim for directing strikingly vivid films “Butter on the Latch” and “Thou Wast Mild & Lovely”, her work is fearless in its raw sensuality and often insightful lushness in surrealism. Her latest narrative “Flames” showcases the ups and downs of Josephine’s real life romance with fellow artist Zefrey Throwell as audiences are reeled into the intimate facets of the couple’s love affair and eventual split. As a film-maker she’s distinctively brilliant and should rank as a coveted heroine of independent cinema.

Josephine Decker

actress josephine decker flames tribeca

Josephine is a cert to rouse up Tribeca 2017 and her cogitative construction of complex female characters onscreen is laudable. Her masterful handling of the multifarious aspects of the human condition is authentic in its execution and endowed with magnetism for its intense exposition of life. Already an acclaimed director, she’s also expressively colourful as an actress having been a scene stealer in films such as “Uncle Kent” and “Saturday Morning Mystery”.

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Hollis Witherspoon

actress hollis witherspoon flames tribeca

For Hollis, it’s a sweet return as she first graced Tribeca for her first feature film “The American Ruling Class” and she returns with a supporting role in “Flames”. She previously also had her short film “One Last Time” screened at the Cannes Film Festival where she was eye-catching in her flirtatious role as Aferdita. On the theater scene, Hollis has often been praised for her enigmatic presence and versatility. Let us all look forward to more instances of the glowing Hollis.

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