Tribeca Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: The Women Of Psychopaths

Here are a trio of beauties whom everyone should be fond off especially when they’re part of the buzz-worthy film “Psychopaths” directed by Mickey Keating and bound to make a killing at Tribeca. A selection on Tribeca’s slate of Midnight offerings, “Psychopaths” is touted to be a most intriguingly creepy horror flick with its stylish and unrestrained, violent tone a sure bet to provoke awe. Of course the movie’s female cast in the luscious form of Angela Trimbur, Christina Elizabeth Smith and Miranda Parham should also be the center of attraction.

Angela Trimbur

actress angela trimbur psychopaths tribeca

Her thought-provoking performances in “Trash Fire and recently on “XX” have elevated Angela to being the IT Girl of indie films and her upcoming maniacal turn on screen will be of much intrigue to audiences attending Tribeca. While we speculate on whether Rey will turn to the dark side in the upcoming “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, Angela is definitely on the side of evil in “Psychopaths”. She’s set to entice us as Blondie, the serial killer who seduces men and keeps them in her basement for possible torture and most terrifyingly for some sadistic maiming.

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Christina Elizabeth Smith

actress christina elizabeth smith tribeca

Is her role in “Psychopaths” one of murderous intent or is she a sweetheart? Guess we have to keep our eyes peeled for the adore-worthy Christina Elizabeth Smith as her luminosity has been a fixture at many film festivals. She was eye-catching in “Ever” which screened at Newport Beach Film Festival back in 2014 playing Emily, a woman in a whirlwind lesbian romance with Wendy McColm’s lead. Christina has also been seen on the red carpets premiere of the comedy “The Outcasts” which stars Eden Sher of “The Middle” fame and she’s one fashionable lady.

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Miranda Parham

actress miranda parham psychopaths tribeca

Miranda is certainly a name will be hearing aplenty on the film festival circuit. Here’s what she has to say about her role in “Psychopaths”:

I play a supporting character named Marilyn, and I’m wigged to look like the real Marilyn Monroe so people may or may not recognize me. ha! I have not yet seen my scenes from the finished film, but the director assures me that they’re really fun and memorable. Overall it’s a pretty dark and twisted journey, but hopefully my character gives a few moments of comedic relief.

In a movie about very deranged individuals, we can’t wait to find out if she’s going to be the bad girl!

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