Shiva Negar

actress shiva negar day players

All eyes will be on ravishing Canadian actress Shiva Negar as she makes her mark on the big screen. She stars in “American Assassin” alongside Dylan O’Brien of “Teen Wolf” fame as Annika, a Turkish agent. She teams up with Dylan’s CIA black ops agent Mitch Rapp and his mentor Stan Hurley (Michael Keaton) to stop baddie Taylor Kitsch from igniting World War III. It’s a reflection of what’s happening in the world today with the threat of war very much a possibility. Director Michael Cuesta has already lauded the extraordinary talents of Miss Shiva and the world will soon be entranced by her too in what will be a complex interpretation of her character in keeping with the intricacies of the source material which are the bestselling Vince Flynn thriller novel series.

We’ve seen the rise of talents with Iranian descent such as Sheila Vand and likewise Shiva may soon find herself in line for global adulation. She’s also the star of “Becoming Burlesque”, a thought-provoking drama about the effects of cultural differences on our identity. Shiva plays Fatima, a woman who gravitates towards the empowering world of a sexy Burlesque cabaret and has to reconcile with her conservative upbringing steep in religion. The opportunity to watch Shiva showcase her dance moves in “Becoming Burlesque” should be quite the treat too. Being a huge fan of the TV series “Murdoch Mysteries”, I am thrilled that she was so riveting in her guest role of Anna Rico. She played the beautiful, alluring Anna who is a suspect in the murder case of the inventor of a involving a chair designed to send a mild, rejuvenating electrical current through the user. Shiva also had a recurring role on the Crackle drama series “The Art Of More” starring Dennis Quaid and Kate Bosworth.

actress shiva negar american assassin

Shiva can also be seen in the thrilling short “Day Players” which is making the rounds on the festival circuit. Having won the coveted Best Actress Award from the 2013 Wild Rose Independent Film Festival for her performance in another short film “Loraine”, she’s more than ready to captivate our eyes. 2017 is delightfully shaping up to be a golden year for her.

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