Indie Sweethearts To Adore @ Newport Beach Film Festival 2017 – Part 1

Aemilia Scott & Janet Ulrich Brooks in “For A Good Time”

actress aemilia scott brooks for a good time
actress janet ulrich brooks for a good time

– The dazzling talents of Aemilia Scott and Janet Ulrich Brooks are sure to make the 2017 Edition of the Newport Film Festival a visual joy. Get ready to be immersed in their entertainingly quirky charms onscreen
– With Aemilia, it’s going to be double the fascination as she’s also in the dramedy “The Lears” which screens at this year’s Nashville Film Fest on top of being the beguiling leading lady of “For A Good Time”.
– A darling of indie films having starred in “Fools” in addition to her enigmatic appearance in “For A Good Time”, Janet has also appeared on “Chicago Justice” in such eloquent fashion as Dr. Diane Lyle.

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Kerry Cahill in “Heart, Baby!”

actress kerry cahill heart baby

– Her impressive run on independent cinema has been meteoric with meaty roles in acclaimed films such as “Midnight Special, “The Duel” and “Free State of Jones” making Kerry Cahill one of the most sparkling talents.
– Look for her to mete our justice as Officer Katie in “Heart, Baby” as she oversees the prison where inmate George Lee Martin is an unbeatable Tennessee prison boxer who has dreams to fight in the 1984 Olympics.
– For “The Walking Dead” fans, there’s a growing affection for Kerry as she has a recurring role as Diane, a foot soldier for The Kingdom who has among her arsenal, bow and arrows as her weapon of choice.

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Kari Lee Cartwright – Director of “Alice”

actress kari lee cartwright alice

– With such relatable themes in her short film “Alice”, Kari Lee Cartwright has crafted an Asian centric, female fronted narrative which weighs up the age old conundrum of juggling modern and traditional values.
– Together with Sarah Chang who is also the writer and leading lady of this most heartwarming tale “Alice”, the esteemed duo is elevating Asian perspectives of life in one its most endearing, humorous incarnation.
– Kari recently thrilled audiences in “Banned In Tuscon” at The Comedy Central Stage which is a funny half-hour sketch comedy show that integrates news, sketch, and video from a Latino American point of view.

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Patricia Rae in “Big Bear”

actress patricia rae big bear

– It may be a supporting role for Patricia Rae in the dark comedy “Big Bear” but we have a feeling she’s going to sizzle as she’s done in indie films such as “Silverlake Video: The Movie” and “The Big Wedding”.
– This enchantress has been recognised as a 2017 Latina of Influence and her most memorable portrayal was as Carla in “Maria Full Of Grace” which earned her a prestigious Imagen Award for Best Actress.
– While we have always been fascinated with her sensual curves, Patricia’s work has been impressively eclectic with a recent turn in the horror comedy “Bloodsucking Bastards” and the upcoming short “The Social Contract”.

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Celia Diane in “Zen Dog”

actress celia diane zen dog

– Her existential film “Zen Dog” has taken the film festival circuit by storm, screening at major film festivals month on month and our admiration for the glowing French actress Celia Diane continues to flourish.
– She’s a breath of ethereal warmth as the free spirited Maya, one of the magnetic characters whom the protagonist Mud (Kyle Gallner) encounters on his dream-like journey of self-discovery.
– Having been an accomplished voice actress, model and host, the multi-faceted Celia is a hypnotic beauty to be raved about with unwavering fondness. Look out for her to enthral us in an upcoming comedic web-series.

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