Sizzling Women To Crave @ Artemis Women In Action Film Fest 2017

Stunt Icon Award Winner Tammie Baird

actress tammie baird artemis film festival 2017

– Phenomenal Stuntwoman Tammie Baird is being honoured with the Artemis Stunt Icon Award for her astounding stunt work and putting her body on the line to make action set-pieces that much more spectacular.
– We don’t need a Fight Club to affirm this fearless, indomitable talent is also a most luscious stunner. Check Tammie out in the short film “Burnt Popcorn” as she gives us a glimpse of her seductiveness onscreen.
– Many of us will be looking ahead to her role on the “Twin Peaks” revival series and we can’t wait for her sultriness to be part of the bizarre crime mystery with its returning cast and new additions.

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Charlene Amoia in “The Waystation”

actress charlene amoia the waystation

– A genuine honey of television and film most notably in the indie genre, Charlene Amoia is a mesmerising beauty who recently starred as Janet Conrad, a feisty Nato Correspondent in “Sniper:Special Ops”.
– She’s all about connecting the dots of the characters she essays and embodying them to tell the richness of their stories and the short film medium is yet another platform that her beguiling magnetism is reaching us.
– In what is a surreal story, the always adorable Charlene stars as Amanda in “The Waystation”, a woman who is seeminly trapped in a perplexing, environment and her desperation to survive starts to test her limits.

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Nicole Marie Johnson & Carrie Finklea in “Quarries”

actress nicole marie johnson quarries
actress carrie finklea quarries

– More than ever the realm of indie films are seeing a surge of enthralling actresses and both Nicole Marie Johnson as well as Carrie Finklea has us hooked with their respective turns in the gripping horror film “Quarries”.
– When it comes to the nerve-jangling terror of survival in the wilderness as well as the female-centred plotlines in “Quarries”, it does rank favourably alongside the British adventure horror flick “The Descent”.
– The strength of Nicole’s textured performance as Kat who goes from an abusive relationship into a cauldron of being hunted by deranged killers that gives rise to a dauntless fortitude is a testament of her flair onscreen.
– Likewise, Carrie is a solid actress in the skin of Wren whom she infuses with degrees of complexity with her personal demons fashioning her impetus to survive as she’s thrown a most precarious situation.

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