Barebones International Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Erin Marie Garrett

actress erin marie garrett barebones international film festival 2017

Erin Marie Garrett is a magnet for affection with her multitude of talents complementing the captivating beauty that she is. In the supernatural thriller “Ghost Note”, she appears in the supporting role of Dawn and there’s the first of her enticing appearance on the festival circuit. She also stars in the fantasy flick “Little Mermaid” and sizzles in the ‘human-fish’ out of water as Sky, the dancer who crosses path with Rosie Mac’s mermaid who discovers the world is far harsher than her aquatic home. A blossoming starlet of the addictive indie horror genre, Erin’s steady rise is going to be met with much fervour.

She’s been praised as an accomplished Texan Triple Threat and her presence on numerous entertainment channels is only going to spark a thriving interest. Performing be it as a singer or an exquisite face of print and film is in her soul. Having held numerous pageant titles for swimwear and fitness including Hawaiian Tropic, Darque Tan and Planet Beach, Erin is surely one of the most desirable women on the planet. She’s in several horror flicks that are due for release including “The Harrowing” and the imaginatively titled “Kicking Zombie Ass for Jesus”, the latter being a funnier take on the zombie apocalypse. With her stunt background, we can envision she’ll be putting the hurt on those pesky zombies and any unfortunate humans who may vex her character.

actress erin marie garrett ghost note

Comedy is a genre Erin is passionate about and she’s also into the fantasy aspects of film. Let’s hope the bombshell that is Miss Erin Marie Garrett gets to mix the two in her future projects and excite us in red-hot fashion.

Do visit the Erin Marie Garrett Official Site for all the latest updates.

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